It is a feat of personal strength that I am writing this.

I went off the rails this week. Everything in the world was too much. EVERYTHING! And the only solution was chocolate and gummy worms intermittently thrown into my mouth, much like a seal snapping a fish out of the air.

Accurate representation of my eating habits this week.

I can’t even begin to talk about all the things that are going on right now, but essentially, if you name it, it’s somehow not going right. And I’m overwhelmed and at the end of my rope.

I “only” gained 2.6 pounds and that’s some kind of miracle.

Every week, I post this list.

  • Eating my prepared food
  • Hit 11,000 all seven days, taking at least one break/lunch walk
  • Tracking 4 of 7 days
  • 2 Frappuccinos per day

But this week, I am only going to work on one of these things. Here’s why.

  1. Eating my prepared food: I’m going on vacation in about a week and this next week is a holiday and three days of meetings where I will be fed. So there isn’t going to be a lot of food around the house this week. The real danger will be restraining my food intake when others are preparing food.
  2. Hit 11,000 steps: I have a hurt knee. I can BARELY make it to the bathroom and back. This is a big NO!
  3. 2 Frappacchinos per day: If you take these away, I will kill EVERYONE!

So, that leaves working on tracking. I think this is an EXCELLENT goal for the week. And maybe next week (on vacation) too.