I arrived home ahead of schedule on Wednesday and just sort of collapsed. I took the dog and about three absolute necessities into the house, got into the shower, and then into bed. Thursday I unloaded the car, hauled things into the house, and dealt with the tire situation. I sorted through some laundry and reassembled the toiletry/medication storage in the bathroom. Friday I took the dog for a small hike, did a doctor’s appointment, got groceries, went and got bloodwork, and made more feeble attempts to put things away. Saturday I did food prep and a puzzle. And finally, today, I’m sort of feeling close to normal. I guess it doesn’t matter, because I’m going back to work tomorrow, and my rested-ness (or lack thereof) is irrelevant. However, I do wish I wasn’t so exhausted. This isn’t entirely unexpected. Between prep for vacation, vacation itself, and the reassembly of life once it’s all over, I’ve been busy. Added to this is I am still struggling with this asthma flare (Eosinophilic asthma) and I feel beyond awful. I’m also struggling with a bit of depression. Or it could be just being tired of coughing and doctors. I hate doctors.

Saturday, in a fit of temper over the Friday doctor’s appointment and the results that came through on Saturday (but no interpretation) I did this painting.

Chasing White Pills

Yes, folks, I’m feeling frustrated. As I said, I’m waiting for result interpretation (I hope Monday), but they have also discontinued one of my bills and I’m already noticing a difference (improvement.)

In fact, Sunday I felt well enough to unpack the art supplies from the seminar and work on finishing (or trashing) the paintings from the workshop.


For right now, I think I will leave it there. I’ve got a few pending things to say, but I’ll work on additional posts to cover the topics.

In the meantime, enjoy the weather… or air conditioning, depending on your preference!

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