You expected me to work?

As I mentioned in my last post, this weekend the kittens arrived home. Frankly, I’m surprised I got anything else done. As you can hear in the background, Key was less than impressed. He barked. He whined. He hid under the bed. Later in the weekend he calmly sniffed one through the x-pen and got

Passive Aggressive Painting

I have this weird theory that probably won’t make sense. My theory is that to get me to do something (at least painting-wise), I must be allowed to do the exact opposite. After posting various news yesterday, I woke up today ready to paint. My list of “should” paintings is long, but the one I

Getting my act together

Let’s face it. This month has not gone according to plan. I started out thinking I  would work on the Cheltenham Gold Cup painting I mentioned here. Then I got word that the For the Seventh Generation show was on and worked mostly on that. Along the way, I apparently missed a couple of assignments.

The evolution of a painting

One of the things I find fascinating about painting intuitively, as opposed to with a plan, is that the initial plan evolves (devolves?) drastically. Take “Barometer Drop.” I first posted about this painting March 17. It next appeared August 17, after I got word that the show was indeed still on. I hadn’t done anything


For the Seventh Generation A Community of Coastal Watchers The one-mile panomural project dedicated to ocean protection. Our oceans are continually threatened by pollution, coastal development, and over-fishing that taxes these finite systems. Decisions made today are to be mindful of their impact on the environment and on our children, grandchildren, and future generations. Without

My secret? I’m feeling blue.

I’m having a little trouble following the journal prompts and challenges from Roaring 20’s. So I’m going to use the last prompt I remember to create a title and go with it! Friday would have been Mom’s 73 birthday, and to be frank, I missed her. We weren’t really a “big birthday” kind of family,

Not just sweet

The journaling challenge this week was “sweet.” As I worked on my (on a deadline) paintings, I spent a lot of time contemplating how to prevent the paintings from being sweet. One thing that surprised me about being an artist (actually, about being human…) is just how free people are with their suggestions. A friend


When starting Ruth Armitage‘s Roaring 20’s mentorship program, I filled out a little questionnaire about my goals. One of the questions was about how much painting I did and if that was enough or if I wanted to do more. I answered that I painted from 1-4 hours a week, and that felt like enough.

The glass is.

The journaling prompt this week is, “The glass is half…”; however, I’m struggling with just the fact of a glass. Without going into detail, it was  tough week at work. It was my Friday off, which I needed, but I had an “anxious day” most of the day Friday, which is not fun. Thankfully, but