When starting Ruth Armitage‘s Roaring 20’s mentorship program, I filled out a little questionnaire about my goals. One of the questions was about how much painting I did and if that was enough or if I wanted to do more. I answered that I painted from 1-4 hours a week, and that felt like enough.

The glass is.

The journaling prompt this week is, “The glass is half…”; however, I’m struggling with just the fact of a glass. Without going into detail, it was  tough week at work. It was my Friday off, which I needed, but I had an “anxious day” most of the day Friday, which is not fun. Thankfully, but

In the stars

It’s somewhere between 97° and 99° degrees here. I’ve lost the will to do anything. Fortunately, I have art assignments to prompt me along. And air conditioning in the studio. This week’s journaling prompt (week 3, first time I’ve done the prompt) is “It’s in the Stars.” When I saw the prompt, I figured I

Working SMARTer

After yesterday’s finishing marathon, today’s goal was to start putting in some time on my SMART goals from the Roaring 20’s workshop. For those of you (like me) that need a reminder, my SMART goals from my initial session were: Leave out some information Change something Define what emotion (in the beginning) I am trying

Finishing Process

Yesterday I went to pick up my paintings from the Bush Barn Art Center. It was a bittersweet trip. I was so proud of the show and have such good memories of the reception. But it was a lot of work for a small return on investment because COVID-19 shut down the show and all

To paint, but not to finish…

This weekend I did stuff. I don’t know what, but the hours definitely filled up. It was a busy week in general. The fencers arrived on Sunday and by Wednesday the new fence was up, the trees gone/pruned, and I had this loveliness to behold. (Here’s a video.) In other interesting news, I had guests.

Guest Posting (mine)

I believe I have mentioned the wonderful painter, teacher, and mentor, Ruth Armitage a time or two. Ruth is celebrating twelve years of blogging this month by inviting some guests to post, and I was one of the lucky ones! Check out my article (it’s a new one) and stay for the art. I’ve seen

Studio Initiation

With the word “opening” but COVID on the rise, I am very much hunkered down at home. Last week we got word that the work from home orders will extend through August. Yesterday was the summer equinox. We’re just about halfway through 2020. And who could have foreseen what a year it was going to