The studio has felt like a production shop the last few weeks. As I mentioned in my last post, the Art on the Edge tour finished, the Pacific Artists Co-op Gallery was reset, and the Lincoln City Cultural Center hung their Members Show (entitled “Portals” this year). Both of those events had receptions on Friday. The gallery sold one of my new pieces at the reception (thank you!) In addition, I have been painting for the American Academy of Equine Art deadline and dithering about whether to send pieces up to the Emerald Downs Equine Art Show.

Pacific Artists Co-op Gallery Sale

Friday, before the two receptions, I worked at the gallery, which was quite busy. The group had heavily promoted the reset and the reception, and many people came in to see what was going on. I was thrilled when this small piece sold!

Unfortunately, after working all day, I was unable to do more than clock out of the gallery and walk over to the cultural center before heading home. A friend had told me she was swinging by to see the reception, and I forgot I made that commitment. I felt really bad about missing her.

Lincoln City Cultural Center Piece

As happens so often, I finish a piece, fall in love, and immediately look around to figure out what to enter it in. Brandt’s Cormorant suffered this fate. I think it looks great in the show.

AAEA Submissions

With over a year to paint for this, of course I chose to paint my submissions in the weekend before deadline. Essentially, I couldn’t have left it any longer. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done. My Paris trip is still very much on my mind, so I elected to paint two pieces from my Auteuil excursion.

“Auteuil Finish” – 15 x 11 watercolor
“Paris Pink Silks” – 15 x 11 watercolor

I also decided to submit “Barreling”, just so I could enter the maximum number.

“Barreling” – 11 x 15 watercolor

I submitted those just before sitting down to write this post, so the die is cast there.

Emerald Downs Entries

All that remains, then, is to figure out the methodology for getting my paintings up to Emerald Downs and then back again. When I was living in the valley, the drive usually averaged 2-3 hours. Maybe a little more with stops. Living at the coast, the Google reports the drive as 4.5 hours. Add at least an hour to that and that makes for a long day of driving if I choose to go up and back on the same day. Because I waited so long to make a decision about this show, I now have to hand-deliver my paintings on Wednesday. Then, of course, they have to come back. I’m exploring several options for this trek. We’ll see what happens. What will I be sending up?

“I’m Over It” – finished

And two other pieces to be determined.

Which brings me to my H.I.C. (harsh inner critic). That is one bitchy biddy. While I was able to “pull the plug” on the AAEA entries, it was only because they were very new and I’m still in love. Other, older items have entered the gauntlet, and it is brutal. Everything I set out is too old, already entered, or just “not right”. Sometimes I wish I could get the dog to enter some pieces for me. He doesn’t care.