"Barreling": 11x15 (watercolor on paper) - $100

Repullulate (noun):  to bud or sprout again

It is times like this that I wish I had a fabulous story about why I haven’t posted and what I’ve been doing. But… I don’t. Instead, I have to admit that I’ve done lots of things, including paint, but nothing that lends itself to a good story. At least not one without a lot of enhancement.

Week 1 (May 11-17)

During this week I was still working on class goals for the Sketching Adventure class with Vinita Pappas.

During this period, I explored a barrel racing photo and ended up giving it the “full paint” treatment.

I had a little bit of a meltdown over this piece because there were a few things I didn’t get right in the drawing. But after a couple of weeks, I was able to make a couple of small adjustments and I think they helped.

Week 2 (May 18-25)

I worked two days at the Pacific Artists’ Co-Op Gallery during this week, and then on Sunday took Key up to Vancouver, WA, for a nosework trial. I am delighted to report that we got a leg toward our last title (poor handling caused “us” to miss one hide). On Friday I’ll drive over to La Grande to go to another nosework trial where I am hoping to pick up that elusive last piece. Oh, to be done with this!

I know I painted and drew this week, but I didn’t finish any of them until the next week.

“Calla Lily Moon”: 11×15 (watercolor on paper) – $100

On May 24th I attended the opening reception for the tour, held at the Lincoln City Cultural Center. The exhibition looks great and will be up through the end of June. If you can’t make the tour (or even if you can), consider swinging by!

During this period, I started doing some serious inventory work to prepare for the Art on the Edge Studio Tour at the end of June.  I hope you have marked your calendars to come down June 28, 29, and 30. This year the tour is concentrated in the Lincoln City area, rather than going down to Newport and Toledo.

I’ve been working to get all my pieces matted and in sleeves with a sticker I had printed just for the purpose.

Last year customers seemed to enjoy flipping through the various pieces but seemed confused by the unmatted pieces. This year only a few pieces will still be in frames and almost everything else will be matted up and in a plastic sleeve to enhance browsing. While I was doing this, I also added all my pieces into a spreadsheet, which I am hoping to use in conjunction with placing more of my art next quarter in the Pacific Artists’ Co-Op Gallery. In total, I catalogued 267 pieces of art, now ready for purchase.

Week 3 (May 26- June 2)

More gallery sitting marked this week, along with a couple of dentist appointments. The dental appointment situation is one that I don’t even want to get in to, but I am thrilled that it is now OVER and I have a good dentist again. Yipee!

I also got a chance to visit a friend’s horse, an event that can never be overstated as bringing me joy.


Week 4 (June 3-4 (through at least June 11)

Yesterday I finally finished the inventory work, and so I’m trying to concentrate on finishing paintings in the hope of getting as much as possible at for Art on the Edge. I worked more on “Contrapposto Quiet” as well as another calla lily piece (the photo has gone AWOL from my camera, sorry) and a new landscape.

I’d like to send a couple paintings up to the Equine Art show in July as well as enter the American Academy of Equine Art (AAEA) show. I’m feeling worried about that goal because I don’t feel that my current inventory is strong enough. I’ll have to narrow things down soon.

Other News

Last month I received the good news that “Gifts” was juried into the International Society of Experimental Art (ISEA) fall show (entitled Innovations 2024). This is great news because I have been planning a three-week long road trip to attend the symposium and take a workshop from Kimberly Kelly Santini. I need to get busy and start making hotel reservations, etc. Right now, this is my proposed schedule.

Date Start End See
9/8/2024 Sun Home Spokane
9/9/2024 Mon Spokane Missoula friends
9/10/2024 Tues Missoula Missoula friends
9/11/2024 Wed Missoula Great Falls Benton Lake NWR
9/12/2024 Thurs Great Falls Wagner MT Charles M Russel NWR
9/13/2024 Fri Wagner MT Kill Deer ND Lake Ilo NWR
9/14/2024 Sat Kill Deer ND Jamestown ND Arrowwood National NWR
9/15/2024 Sun Jamestown ND Grand Rapids MN Sax Sim Bog
9/16/2024 Mon Grand Rapids MN Rochester MN Trempealeau NEW
9/17/2024 Tues Rochester MN Grand Haven, MI arrive
9/18/2024 Wed Grand Haven, MI workshop
9/19/2024 Thurs Grand Haven, MI workshop
9/20/2024 Fri Grand Haven, MI free day
9/21/2024 Sat  Grand Haven, MI Davenport IA Port Louisa National Wildlife Refuge
9/22/2024 Sun Davenport IA Omaha NE De sota NWR
9/23/2024 Mon Omaha NE Laramie, WY just driving (long day)
9/24/2024 Tues Laramie, WY Laramie, WY Hutton Lake NWR
9/25/2024 Wed Laramie, WY Salt Lake City  Bear River NWR
9/26/2024 Thurs Salt Lake City Boise see friend
9/27/2024 Fri Boise Home

I’ve tried to arrange it at no more than 6 hours of driving a day. If I start the day birding, I can drive during the afternoon to the next stop. Have dinner, etc. Then repeat the next day. I’m taking two different routes, and I’ll be driving through five new states. Does it sound doable to you?