It’s been a whirlwind few weeks. The week before I left for Hawaii was full of odd events and doing a blog post just didn’t make the list. When I was in Hawaii I was having too much fun to even think about healthy steps (also, I ate… everything) and when I came back it took all my energy to make it through the first few days.

But I have come back. And I’m looking straight down the barrel at 7.4 pounds regained.

Time for a reset.

Between you and me, getting back on track is going to be tough. I have guests this weekend. Next weekend I have the WSO convention. Then two dog event weekends. Then Halloween. Then a trip. Then Thanksgiving. Then Christmas.

Okay, that was a little depressing. Time to think again about where I want to go.

I’m still down 34.2 pounds, which is enough to deliver the non-scale victory (as we say in WW) of not having to ask for an extension on 1/2 of the legs of my recent Hawaii flight. That’s real progress!

I think I need to look ahead at the next few weeks and concentrate on my little goals.

  • Eating my prepared food
  • Hit 10,000 all seven days, taking at least one break/lunch walk
  • Tracking 3 of 7
  • 2 Frappuccinos per day

You’ll notice I dialed back to 10,000 steps (my knee is still bothering me). And the tracking is modest, but a place to get started!

On a related note, in addition to all the event challenges, my work right now is… fraught. I need to remember that and take the topic of the week about not eating emotionally to heart.So I’m going to work on getting back into the into the swing of things and restarting taking walks at break!

And finally, they upped my medication again last week. So I need to remember that I’m still not back to “normal” and take it easy on myself!