Healthy Steps – Weeks 46 & 47

So, in all this drama, what am I doing about my goal of taking healthy steps.

Well, actually, I’d like to report some progress. It’s all non-scale victories.

I’m back to eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As such, my blood sugar seems to have stabilized, which in turn makes me feel better.

I have been hitting activity levels out of the park; the down side of this is that my knees and feet are really hurting. On Tuesday evening I was able to go back and start swimming again, so that should help some.

And I went into a WW workshop today and I’m proud to report that I had no gain from the last time we could find records which was almost a month ago.

I’m a long way from being willing to restart this journey, but I also need to work on making sure I stay as healthy as possible. As such, here are my goals this week.

  • Eating my prepared food
  • Take the dog for a walk every day (Hit 10,000, taking at least one break/lunch walk is a too big)
  • Tracking breakfast
  • 2 Frappuccino per day