I need to get this straight. Week 42 was Oct. 31. It was a black-out day.

Week 43 was November 7. I gained 5 pounds.

Week 44 was November 14. I was taking a workshop in Tubac, Arizona and did not weight in.

Week 45 was today. I gained 3.4 pounds and my life in in chaos.

I’m working on a blog post that will explain everything, but frankly, any kind of control is just not an option.

In fact, it’s so bad that I’m not even sure working on this project is possible. But my blood sugar has been so bad I have the shakes, so I need to try.

Here are my try goals for the week.

  • Making prepared food (eating it being a second goal)
  • Take the dog for a walk every day (Hit 10,000, taking at least one break/lunch walk is a too big)
  • Tracking breakfast
  • 2 Frappuccino per day

Yes, this is where I’m at. And it feels like a lot. But I have to start and keep going. Recent events have shown that!