This week I weighed in at my normal at work meeting. It is so wonderful to type the word “normal” and to really feel like something close to that is approaching my life.

Excitingly, I was down 2 pounds. As my goal right now is just to stay on an even keel, that felt good.

WW has new “Success Story” journals. Of course, they are gearing up for the new year and all those new members that will be flooding in. But they are nice, and we had a good talk about setting goals.

First… what’s my why?

  • My knees hurt
  • My feet hurt
  • I want to go to Paris in 1-2 years
  • Mom’s health problems are freaking me out

Not a bad list to be going on with.

Then we progressed to what are my goals. As I said, I’m not really looking to go into full “weigh loss mode” right now. I have a lot of other things to focus on. On the other hand, I need to take care of myself. So my goals are:

  • Sunday – Prep food for the Week
  • Every day – Eat my preparred food
  • Every day – Limit myself to 2 Frappachinos

As for exercise, for this week, I’m going to try to take it a little easy and get my knees and feet to stop screaming at me.