I am just entering the extremely busy season at work. This is my second year going through the “year end” process (Multnomah County, like most governments, has a fiscal year calendar that goes from July 1-June 30) and while this year is going more smoothly than last, it’s no walk in the park.

Today I was so busy that I was only able to get away from my desk for a very short lunch/walk and struggled to put everything aside long enough do simple things like head to the bathroom.

It’s hectic.

And, of course, everyone is on edge. Program managers are down to the last minute to accomplish goals and everyone is looking at the bottom line.

Everyone must have gotten recharged for the weekend, because I had to hit the ground running from the first moment I walked in today, and by 10:00 I was fed up. All day long I FOUGHT the urge to walk across the street and buy a bunch of candy bars and simply inhale.

I didn’t do it. And I went to Weight Watchers tonight and weight in for a loss. And I asked people for suggestions how to cope with the season of emotional eating triggers I see around the corner.

With tonight’s loss, that brings my total weight removal up to 46 lbs. It’s beginning to down on me that this isn’t a coincidence or a fluke. This seems to be something that I am doing. And I’m proud. I’m getting closer to that magical number where I will be able to ride a horse, and I don’t want to quit.

But I’m not great at pressure. I’d like to find something I could do, such as taking a walk (other suggestions appreciated), that I could replace the urge to eat with, but with work so busy I really feel chained to my desk.

I’m compromising this way: I bought some of those mini popcorn bags tonight. I’m hoping that if I pop a bag and focus on eating each individual kernal that I can get through the next few weeks.

Tonight’s WW meeting focused on being kind to yourself. It’s a lesson I really need to learn, but the next few weeks will be the opposite of kind. In the meantime, I think I’m going to focus on the good habits I’ve already started (breakfast, walking the dog/activity, no random eating) and see if I can get by with a little popcorn and reliance on what I’ve already done.

2 thoughts on “I was afraid of this”
  1. Hi Tara,
    I’m glad you were able to resist the reflex to eat as an emotional response this time! Your goal is much closer each time you do! When I saw you on Saturday you looked so healthy 🙂 Congrats on all your successes!

    I have a couple of suggestions for stress relief that just take a moment:
    My favorite is doodling. I like to make funny, cartoon-like doodles of the offending stressor. It works my brain in a better way and gets me off the negativity… lightens me up.
    The other thing you could try is bio-feedback/meditation. Deep breathing and mini-breaks for your mind can be wonderful ways to let go of stress. Hope these help!
    xo ruth

  2. I read once about taking a bite of dill pickle when you crave sweets – they seem to take the craving away. I used to keep a jar of those little dill gherkins in my desk at school for when it all got to be too much for me, and it did seem to work (the school where I taught didn’t have a regular cafeteria, just vending machines full of junk!).

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