Happy Thanksgiving!

This year I’m having a bit of a non-traditional Thanksgiving. Neither my mom or me felt like really “doing” Thanksgiving this year, and It didn’t make a lot of sense to go see my mom for less than a day, so I’m staying at home for the day.

But it’s been a busy day.

Someone mentioned the Turkey Trot and that caught  my fancy as a way to celebrate my new lifestyle. It’s a 4 mile run/walk around Washington Park and the Oregon Zoo. As you know, I did a 5K back in May and with 75 lbs lost, I thought this might make a good celebratory milestone.

I am pleased to say I did it! I took a pit stop in the middle, but my times looked like this:

  • 8:09-8:44 (35.24 minutes)
  • 8:49-9:43 (54.05 minutes)

Mile 3 was definitely the hardest (steepest), but I think an average of 22 minutes per mile is NOT bad. I know mile 3 was the slowest and lowered my average, but at least I have a place to start.

Like the 5K in May, it felt like everyone was passing me. I did start off in the last “wave” to let everyone else go ahead.

But I did eventually pass a few people. There was one gal about my size who was obviously doing this run as her own personal quest. I felt a total kindred spirit with her and was SO proud of her when I saw her cross the finish line. I’m so proud of me too.

I’m a little sore, but not as exhausted as I was after the 5K in May. I had enough energy to head down to SEO and do 3 stalls, before coming home.

And now I’m off to fix white chili with turkey! It’s a good day.