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This has not suddenly become a financial website. I’m just pondering buying a real set of acrylics.

I’ve been painting (mostly) in watercolor since 2006. I’ve done a few acrylic paintings and certainly done more with mixed media. I’ve even tried oil painting. But, by and large, I’ve resisted investing in another medium because I have so much invested in watercolor. In spite of what many people say, I have not found anything I want to do that can’t be done with watercolor; though I occasionally just lack the skill to accomplish it.

“Runners” (unfinished) – watercolor & acrylic

Still, this past weekend working on “Runners” (it has also been called “Gallop”, but not sure if either name will stick) was really nice. With acrylic and oil paints, you can continue to go over areas of the painting without any real penalty. Poor watercolors are often called overworked because they simply cannot take repeated changes, whereas successful paintings are executed with a decisive freshness that lets the paint do all the talking.

“Scent of Season” – watercolor

Additionally, repeated application of paint in acrylics allows some great texture to show through. I noticed that with “Barometer Drop” and again with “Runners”.

“Barometer Drop” – acrylic

When I took the Skip Lawrence workshop (18 months ago), Mr. Lawrence was a big fan of the added complexity available with acrylic.

“Blue Legs 3” – mixed media

Additionally, many watercolor organizations are reprioritizing into “water media” organizaitons.

So… should I get some real acrylics and not just ones I’ve picked up at a garage sale?

2 thoughts on “Should I invest?”
  1. I have begun using acrylic paints after a color theory class with Scott Gellatly. We started with acrylic gouache in just 5 colors, cyan blue, pure yellow, pure magenta, pure white and black..oh,.and pure Orange. Holbein makes these. I could go around the world in an array of all the colors I can mix with these. (bonus!) it’s opaque and you can go over and over areas. It has informed my understanding and recalibrated my choices and selection of color in my work.

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