Last fall I was driving home from the Watercolor Society of Oregon convention in Bandon, Oregon, when i saw an egret in a field/pond beside the road. I stopped and took some pictures

Last winter when it was so cold I did some ice painting and came up with this background.


But I NEVER would have though of putting them together until I saw “Snow Egret” by Tommer Gonser (click here to see the painting).

In order to get this just right I had to buy the white acrylic paint. And it’s taken me months to decide if it’s ready. But I think, with tonight’s coat of paint, it’s ready.

15 - egretTomorrow I will take it out in light and get a good shot of it, then I will submit this as my “critique piece” at the upcoming WSO convention. If that goes well (or I get some good feedback), I’ll probably enter this piece in the Aqueous show in the spring.