Well, I’m halfway through with my daily painting challenge… and today it was really tough to make myself sit down and paint. Frankly, if I could have figured out a way to cheat, I would have. But I couldn’t find any new paintings to show, so I sat down anyway.

I knew I wasn’t going to produce anything great, so instead I chose to paint a photo I saw on the Driving Essentials Facebook page and asked for permission to paint.

1554411_679873638728054_1946163649547023821_nThere were several things that drew me to this photo: the horses, the birds, the quiet figure in the center of it all, and the mix of agriculture and architecture.

In the painting that I really see, the horses and the discer are smaller with the fields and birds spread out in back of them. But for tonight, I chose to just paint what I saw.

[image removed]

I can tell I’m tired, but I do see a lot of places to go in this quick study. I’m wondering if the silos are necessary; they felt like a nice contrast, but I’m wondering. The birds and their placement need a lot of work because I think they are the real story here, with the horses and discer being an entry point.

I’ll have to figure out a better way to simplfy the discer though. This is too ubrupt.

Still, it’s not a bad first thought.