I gained weight this week. In a perverse way, I am relieved. While I didn’t go off the rails like I did last week, I certainly didn’t snap back into shape.

But it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and frankly for the last two weeks, I’m still down a little. I’m feeling like my perspective is improving and I’m ready to look ahead a little.

When I entered my gain into my Weight Watcher’s app, it gave a suggestion: trying tacking 4 days this week. I think that’s a good start to this week’s goals.

  • Tracking (4 of 7 days)
  • 1 Frappachino per day
  • Eating my prepared food
  • Hit 10,000 all seven days, taking at least one break/lunch walk

I’m still on the basics. And I haven’t quit.