Drum roll please! This week I  lost 4.6 pounds, bringing my total to 23.4 pounds removed!!!

Second drum roll… I’ve also been off Frappachinos for 3 days. Feeling shaky, but I’m trying.

I wish all this meant I was thriving, but honestly, both of my feet hurt now (I’m concerned I’m developing plantar fascitiis in the other foot) and I’ve been struggling with just feeling generally sore.  I recently went to the doctor who told me (as usual) I was slightly anemic. That can cause general soreness, so I’m going to take her recommendation and get some special vitamins and eat a steak. Also, Vitamin D deficiency is on the list of possible culprits, and it is winter in Oregon.

All this is to explain that while I’m  having a small cheat evening, I’m going to keep going tomorrow.

Weekly goals

  • Tracking (6 of 7 days)
  • No Frappachinos
  • Eating my prepared food
  • Hit 10,000 all seven days, taking at least one break/lunch walk
  • Work on my self talk

As I am sure you can see, I am changing my goals slightly. I am doing well on the exercise (so much so that my feet are bothering me). So, I’m going to keep doing that, but take it off my focus list.

Instead, I’m going to work on an area that I realized today is holding me back.

I have a tendency to get frustrated, particularly if I don’t feel I’m being listened to. But, rationally, I do think I’m being listened to. I think that I think I’m not heard. So I’m going to work on slowing down and hearing myself.


Tara (in my head): “Person A never does things right. It’s so frustrating. They just don’t care about doing it right and don’t hear me when I tell them the correct way.”

New talk: “Person A does things the best they can and is very nice when you tell them what they need to fix. They probably do care about doing things right, but their job is not to care to the extent that you care. The fact they don’t change is not a reflection on you or your lack of power. It’s not a reflection on your ability to explain things. It’s not a reflection on anything. It’s just a mistake. You have a choice about whether to fix it or let them know. You’ll be believed either way.”

Honestly, neither is the best speech, but I  hope you can see where I am going. I think I need to work on talking to myself and hearing myself instead of looking to others to hear me.

If this is a little out there, forgive me. It’s a new thought.