The enemy of the good

“Perfect is the enemy of the good.” ~ most often attributed to Voltaire

“Done is better than perfect.” ~ Sheryl Sandberg

I am moved. Done. Out. The Keizer house is empty, clean, and ready for whatever happens next. It goes on the market this week and fingers crossed it sells quickly. Of course, this means that the beach house (now my permanent residence…) is a mess.

Obviously, moving into a fully furnished home meant getting rid of the contents of a different fully furnished home. First, I contacted the Furniture Bank and told them they could have whatever they wanted or needed. I was surprised how much they did take (three mattress sets, two bed frames, a couch, a dresser, four small bookshelves, three simple work tables, two bedside tables, and six lamps) but I knew they wouldn’t clean me out. So, after some debate I decided to call Junk 911, which had a good service rating and said they worked to distribute items to charities who needed them. As we were chatting, I was unsurprised to learn that many charities are very picky about what they accept, but he assured me they did their best to get things distributed. Yes, I know I could have had a garage sale, but in the end, I still would have had things to take to Goodwill. This way, it was a clean sweep. In one day, it all left the house.

I would like to report that that was the end, but we all know I still had things to haul to the coast. Last weekend I made a trip on Saturday and Sunday to deal with getting the house sorted. I made another trip on Tuesday as part of my weekly “go to work” cycle. And then yesterday I rented a UHaul and brought the last of the bigger items down (my bicycle, a little outdoor bistro table, etc.) And that, as they say, is that.

Today I took Key for a walk, then picked up groceries. We saw a family of purple martins that really made my day.

Then we picked up groceries and headed back home. The rest of the day has been spent sorting through the items that I unceremoniously tossed out of the UHaul onto the lawn in the name of time, weekly food prep, and other such tasks. I’m giving myself the day to just relax. I’m not sure how I’ll tackle the various piles that lurk around the house, but everything is inside and dry and I can take it on another day.