While this week was singularly lacking in art, unless you include organizing art supplies, it was a busy one. The Keizer house went on the market (lots of showing, no offers yet.) I had the pesky job to occupy me and walking the dog took up the rest of the free time. But I hit it hard this weekend and got a lot done.

While I won’t say that every area of the house it just the way I want it, the garage presented the biggest current issue. There were things that need to be sorted, cleaned, re-homed, and de-homed. It took me until lunch, but I got it tackled. A trip to Goodwill, then I tackled the craft room.

The craft room has several component and I chose to start with the office supplies. Once those were started, I went back to sorting through art supplies, focusing now on paper. In the last few weeks I had sorted and stored supplies, but paper is ALWAYS a challenge. Paintings in progress, failed paintings, paintings to be considered. Drawings. Notebooks. You get the idea. I decided to send some of the storage containers to another area and use the built-in shelves as horizontal storage space. My next step was to take some simple photo boxes that I had sitting around and turn them into bins holding the various categories of paintings. The sorting continues, but there is one problem with the arrangement.

If I fits, I sits. (Or snooze.)

Sunday, I took some time off to train the dog, then spent the rest of the day vacuuming and mopping, which is a chore I hate, and Key LOATHES. It’s so traumatizing that a nap is usually necessary afterward.

Why the vacuum, Mom? Why?

The rest of the spare Sunday time was spent doing my weekly food prep and a little bit of sorting. Sigh. I’ll probably be saying that for a long time to come.

No matter what Key says, he got lots of walks and food and attention. But I still have a feeling the weekend will be chalked up to unimpressive from his point of view.

“You are so boring, Mom.”

A little bit of art news

I got to the end and realized I had a little bit of art news, but I didn’t want to re-compose the blog.

Neither of my paintings was accepted into the Watercolor Society of Oregon‘s fall exhibition. So, 2022 will be a year without being in my “home” club’s show. While my feelings are a little hurt, looking at what I have submitted, I’m not terribly shocked. The pieces I submitted for both shows have been well outside my comfort zone. I was very successful in both 2020 and 2021, and now it’s time for a little valley. I have more to say on this topic, but that blog post is fighting me.

In case you are gasping in horror at NOT seeing my paintings, here are a few things that are coming up.

So, my fall is looking pretty busy. The WSO Convention is October 7-9, and I have signed up for Linda Kemp‘s workshop afterward (October 10-13.)

The nearby art scene has a lot going on. I’m exploring a few options, though I mostly in the thinking stage. We’ll see what happens next!