It is painting night, and I am hard at work. But again, I can’t show you anything too revealing.

stealthSo I will distract my loyal readers (Mom and possibly the dog has learned to flip on the computer.)


I am within a literal inch of finishing the main parts (sleeves, back, and two fronts) of the sweater I have been working on since last February. If I can finish it tonight, I may stay up late and give it a good blocking so I can sew it together this weekend and add the button band (but that will take a little more time.) After 10 months of working on it… well, you can see why I’m excited about getting so close to being done.


My knitting friends have lately been teasing me about how long this has taken. But I’ll have a new sweater soon and that’ll show them! Of course, after 75 pounds (20% of my body weight and 7 sizes) it may not fit. But it will be new and MINE!

This means that for knit night (and a couple of meetings tomorrow) I need to cast on a new project. I want something fast, easy, and with BIG yarn. I feel a hat coming on…

Recent hikes

Sunday I went to Canemah. Winter has set in so everything is so wet. I played with the manual focus features on my camerah to get this photo (and managed to get poison oak…)


Someone had made a little pile of stones at the entrance of the park; it was just one of the many “salient details” I fin charming this time of year.

Birding was mediocre, but I did get these beautiful shots of a Western Scrub Jay.

One last note

Starting tomorrow, I am going to be offering an “online studio sale” for all of my pieces. Please look at my art pages to see if anything catches your fancy.

I plan to feature a painting a day at a bit of a discount to see if a few paintings can find a new home before the new year.

I hope to hear from you all!


It’s ten minutes to midnight and the sweater is blocking!