Misc. Paintings

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Under the Oak (2017) watercolor  private collection (nfs) Painted for the 2017 Willamette Valley Lavender Festival at Barn Owl Nursery. Won honorable mention.

Morning Shadows – $50

Morning Shadows (2017)  watercolor  $50.00 Painted for the 2017 Willamette Valley Lavender Festival at Barn Owl Nursery.

Smoke over Cubanismo – $100

Smoke over Cubanismo (2017) watercolor  $100 Painted for the 2017 Paint the Town.

Bush Park Pasture – $50

Bush Park Pasture (2017) watercolor Painted for the 2017 Paint the Town. Won honorable mention.
   Fenceline watercolor  private collection (nfs) Painted for the 2017 Paint the Town.
 maroonensata Maroon Ensata (2016) mixed media private collection (nfs)
 2016_theturn The Turn (2016) mixed media – transparent watercolor, acrylic $200
confidence Confidence (2016) transparent watercolor $50
ensata Ensata (2016) transparent watercolor $50
cosmoscollage Cosmos Collage (2016) mixed media $50
 Connected Cosmos Connected (2016) transparent watercolor $25
 strata.2.3 Strata
transparent watercolor private collection (nfs) This was my selected entry in the Smith Rock Paint out (2015.)
 bluejay4 Children’s Moon
acrylic on marbling $50
 californiapoppies California Poppies (2015) mixed media $15
 rhodie_final_web Rhodie (2014) transparent watercolor private collection (nfs) This project goes back to my September “painting a day” challenge. My mom’s favorite flower is the rhodie and she really liked this piece and hinted (read told me in no uncertain terms) that this was her preferred Christmas present.
"Moody" Whim by Whim (2014) transparent watercolor and acrylic $100 (matted and framed) After completing “Ripples” I was inspired to try a little more and did an acrylic underlayer with burlap. Then I used some novelty paper to create some pours. From that point, this piece emerged… whim by whim.
 bandoncranberryfield Bandon Cranberry Bog
transparent watercolor $25
"Delight" Delight (2014) transparent watercolor $100 I designed and painted this piece for the 2014 Rose Show.
"Nameste" Nameste (2014) transparent watercolor private collection (nfs) This painting started out from two very different experiences. I was in my yoga class a few weeks ago and during shavasana I admired the way the light was coming through the windows. When I saw my teacher in the light, I snapped a quick photo.

A little bit later we had several days of very cold weather during which I experimented with ice painting. The background layer of this painting was one of my first attempts. I wasn’t completely happy with it, but I knew that with a strong foreground, it could really be something.

"Ripples" Ripples (2013) transparent watercolor private collection (nfs) My teacher, Anji Grainger, took a class from Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass and then came back to class and encouraged everyone to practice this new skill set. I really enjoyed this practice.
"Sumate Prairie" Sumate Prairie (2013) transparent watercolor $100 (matted and framed) In the summer of 2013, I drove up to Mt. Hood several times for some plein air work. This painting was done on site at Sumate Prairie in approximately 20 minutes. I then took it back to my studio and worked on the values. I decided to leave it loose and “unfinished” because I felt like it evoked the day and the experience.
"Age" Age (2013) transparent watercolor $25 I originally sketched this as part of the SYD series at the Fall 2012 Watercolor Society of Oregon convention; in this case SYD stands for simplify your drawing. When I transferred my sketch to a bigger sheet of paper, I wasn’t sure how I would handle the piece. Fortunately, I was trying some new paint and things took off from there.
"Willamette Falls, downriver" Willamette Falls, downriver (2013) transparent watercolor $50 On my walks through Canemah Bluff, you can see Willamette Falls with the Arch Bridge down river; however, there are trees in the way. I sketched out the drawing, amazed to find that the Arch Bridge wasn’t straight across the river, but actually lowered to the Oregon City side.
 "Tree Spirits" Tree Spirits (2013) transparent watercolor private collection (nfs)  At the Fall 2012 Watercolor Society of Oregon convention I did a paint out with Harold Walkup entitled “From Ordinary to Extraordinary”. Harold showed us how to use gouache to create glowing whites, evocative of a mountain at night.
 "In the Weeds" In the Weeds (2012) transparent watercolor private collection (nfs)  The summer of 2012 was marked by my participation in the Johnson Creek Watershed art contest. While I painted and sketched several pieces, in the end I submitted only two. This one I changed after this photo was taken; the painting sold in the show. The other painting I submitted I later destroyed because I wasn’t happy with it.
 "Listening to Daddy" Listening to Daddy  (2012) transparent watercolor $50
(or free to Martin Zarzar)
 In the summer of 2011 I attended a Pink Martini concert at the Oregon Zoo (Portland is the home of Pink Martini…) During the concert people danced up in front near the stage and I took some photos. I was impressed by how much genuine fun the group was having and also how natural they were. I liked how this baby was clearly enjoying the antics. At intermission I saw him being held by then-percussionist Martin Zarzar. I have always wondered if this was his son… thus the title of the painting.
"Hang Your Hat" Hang Your Hat
transparent watercolor $50  I can’t remember where I spotted the photograph that inspired this painting, but I do remember being struck by how the values were what made the photo. I printed the photo in black and white, then pondered how to make the painting work. I knew the painting either needed to be monochromatic or painting in complimentary colors. I chose yellow and purple to work on my grays and neutrals. However, it ended up being pattern that really came through in the painting.
"Gabouge Iris" Gabouge Iris
transparent watercolor private collection (nfs) Unlike the painting below, this painting was done in the studio. I find that my studios pieces tend to have more color intensity but less color variation.
 "Cool Reflections" Cool Reflections (2009) transparent watercolor private collection (nfs) I snapped (literally) the reference photo for this piece while walking across a bridge at the beach. When I got back to the studio, I ended up changing so much that it bears almost no resemblance to the original photo… only the shape of the water matches.
 poinsettiapiece Poinsettia tryptic (2010) transparent watercolor $50 (matted and framed)
 oh-happy-day Oh Happy Day (2010) transparent watercolor $25
 bamboo Bamboo (2010) transparent watercolor $15
 sketchworkii Sketchwork II
transparent watercolor $15
"Iris en plein air" Iris en plein air
transparent watercolor $50 This iris was painted at the Schreiner’s Iris Gardens in Salem, Oregon… arguably one of the most beautiful spots in the state in May. Painting en plein air (in open air) is a more than a little different than painting in the studio. It provides an artist a chance to simplify and focus on a subject; obviously, you can’t paint everything, so what do you choose? It also provides and excellent opportunity for observation that a photography simply can’t provide. If you’ve every looked at a photo and said “but it was more vibrant” or wished you could capture two great items in the same shot, plein air provides the opportunity for the artist to try to enhance nature… or at least to copy real life and not just a photo.
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