Horse Paintings

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firstturn1 First Turn (2016) transparent watercolor private collection (nfs)
chasingdark Chasing Dark (2016) transparent watercolor $75
 choate_strategysession Strategy Session (2016) transparent watercolor $150
small Night Racing (2016) transparent watercolor $100
Tools of the Trade II: Hammer Tools of the Trade II: Hammer (2015) transparent watercolor private collection (nfs)
Tools of the Trade I: File Tools of the Trade I: File (2015) transparent watercolor private collection (nfs)
 thebluehalter_unfinished The Blue Halter
transparent watercolor $100
 coming3 Canby Fair Bronc
transparent watercolor $100
"Shoes & Shadows" Shoes and Shadows (2015) transparent watercolor $200 This is among my most successful paintings to date. It was accepted into the 2015 American Academy of Equine Art Fall Show and Sale (a first for me).

In late December 2014, I attended the Oregon Thoroughbred Championships at Portland Meadows. While I was there, I took a backstretch tour that allowed us to be close to to the starting gate of a 6 furlong (short) race. I snapped a phone of the horses being ponied past, and when I got home, this photo with it’s long shadows and light flashing off the shoes caught my attention.

the-golden-round The Golden Round
transparent watercolor with marbling $50
"Sizing Up the Competition" Sizing Up the Competition (2014) transparent watercolor private collection (nfs) I took the reference photo for this piece at Emerald Downs when I went up for the 2013 Equine Art show. It is during the second jump of the race, just after the horses have left the gate.  What I noticed was how close the horses were, and I wanted to show the intensity of those first few moments when all the horses are getting into position for the first first turn.
"Distaff Divas" - 2014 Distaff Divas (2014) transparent watercolor $100 This painting turned out almost unrecognizable from its inspiration. I took the reference photo in 2013 at Emerald Downs during a big 3-year-old-filly race. But when I got it home, I thought it was so similar in composition to “Stride for Stride” that I decided to experiment and then decide what I wanted to do.

I underpainted the horses in purple/red and orange/pink, then over painted in burnt sienna and a golden Daniel Smith color that I can’t reference. I loved the results but didn’t know where to go next. So I did a tissue paper pour and crossed my fingers.

"Keep Your Head" Keep Your Head
transparent watercolor private collection (nfs) This painting was inspired by a snapshot of Tobiah’s Journey taken on July 15, 2012 at Emerald Downs as the horse made his way to the gate before a winning race. I was inspired by the way everyone was looking ahead to what was coming, but also how they were tenderly touching the horse. While racing is exciting, it’s the connections that really tell the story.
"Between Classes" Between Classes (2014) transparent watercolor private collection (nfs) This piece, “Between Classes,” was inspired by a snapshot taken at the Sound Equine Options “Ride to Provide” show in the spring of 2015.
web_donkey Got Carrots?(2013) transparent watercolor private collection (nfs) “Got Carrots” depicts Eddie, Peanut, and Mojo, three donkeys that I work with at the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue satellite in Oregon City.
taylor-said-goodbye Winning Machine vs. Taylor Said (2013/2015) transparent watercolor with acrylic marbling private collection (nfs) This painting depicts the moment when 2012 Longacres Mile (Emerald Downs) winner Taylor Said starts to move past leader Winning Machine to win the race.
 rp_2013.tracksidediscussionI_web-300x239.jpg Trackside Discussion (2013) transparent watercolor $100 The reference photo for this was also taken at Emerald Downs during the 2013 Equine Art show. This horse was being lead back to the barn by his groom; the horse had been hosed off and was very shiny and obviously still feeling the excitement of the race.

This piece started as an experiment; I used hot press paper, and my idea was to do a rich underpainting on the horse to indicate the emotions the horse was still feeling. Then I added the body color, trying to preserve the slickness of the wet horse.

"Backstretch Move" Backstretch Move
transparent watercolor private collection (nfs) This painting was inspired by a photography taken by talented photographer Terra Lee of Blue Ribbon Farms. While I made a few changes, I was trying to sort out how to tell the story of the eventual finish of this race while showing the drama of this moment.

The background is probably the most successful part of the painting, but there is a lot to like. This painting won 3rd  Place in the Vivian F. McMurry Memorial Award (Adult Watercolor Division) at Equine Art 2012.

"River Stallion" River Stallion (2012) transparent watercolor private collection (nfs) “River Stallion” was another painting inspired by a Facebook photo, this one of the Salt River Mustangs. I was inspired by the contrast of the big stallion obviously playing by splashing the water around. This painting was sold at Equine Art 2012.
"Stride for Stride" Stride for Stride
transparent watercolor private collection (nfs) In college I spent a few months working at a horse farm. During that time I attended several races and fell in love with the drama of horses coming down the stretch. When I attended the 2011 Washington Cup (Emerald Downs) I fell in love all over again. This was taken in an early race (early races are in general the least prestigious) but these two horses were still battling it out to get to that wire first.
"Roan on a Stroll" Roan on a Stroll
transparent watercolor private collection (nfs) One day I was driving along and came across a small herd of the most lovely roan drafts, just grazing in a rain-soaked field. In spite of being wet, they were interested in me and strolled over to the fence line to see what I had for them. They had lovely white eyelashes against their big, gentle brown eyes.
web_mustang Steens Mustang
transparent watercolor $25 In 2006, we drove over to the Steens Mountains. One day we decided to drive up in hopes of seeing the notable mustangs of the area. We were very lucky; we saw two herds. The first herd was a group of the highly prized duns (considered to have more Spanish Arabian blood.) The second group was a band of chestnuts and paints that were part of the “South Steens” group (aka the Hollywood Mustangs.)

I hiked out to get a better look and was fascinated when one chestnut came out again and again to warn me away, twirling and generally expressing a desire for me to just go away.

 "Mary Margaret and Tui" Mary Margaret and Tui
transparent watercolor private collection (nfs) My friend Mary Margaret had a lovely bay Arabian mare named Tui. Tui was boarded just down the road and one day we walked down to see her. I took a snapshot and painted Mary Margaret this reminder of her sweet Tui.


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