The end of 2016 marks the end of my third year blogging. A year ago, I posted about my second year of blog progress compared to my first. So, in the spirit of true numbers geeks everywhere, I am adding this post to continue the tradition!

Posts and Other Numbers

2014 2015 2016
Posts 158 124 71
Sessions 2899 7081 2700
Users 1262 5108 1691
Page Views 9790 13586 7009

I posted about half as often as in previous years; readership responded accordingly.

Data Trends

As you can see, I lost some progress this year. In the summer months of 2015 I had peak readership that has not repeated itself in this year.

It appears as though the number of users is remaining pretty constant and maybe even growing slightly.

Google Analytics


Most popular posts (by month)

Still, readers did appreciate the things I posted. Here’s the favorites by month.

Jan 18 – Raptor Sketching

Feb 27 – Corgi Found

March 6 – No name but beach trip was fun

April 17 – Goodbye, Bella

May 8 – I finished a painting (miracles do happen)

June 15 – Ruth Ellen Hoag, Day 3

July 22 – North Fork Sanitam and Opal Creek

Aug 28 – Student Issues

Sept 17 – It turns out no one walk on… water

Oct 25 – Red

Nov 20 – Another year, another 6×6 painting

Dec 17 – How to have fun in the cold


My next post will be about how I did on my 2016 goals. After that, it’ll be 2017 with a list of new goals. I’ll be taking the information about into account.