I have been dreading writing this post all day. It’s kind of amazing how many things I have done to procrastinate it. I had all but decided on a strategy, when I went onto Facebook “one last time” (because, obviously, that’s not procrastinating AT ALL). There, I came across this series of “memes” from @yournaturallearner. (Before continuing, I don’t know anything about them and don’t endorse them in any way.) Here is what they said.

It goes against nature to set goals in the middle of Winter.

Lean into the hibernation stage. Release things you don’t need. Eat the extra calories. Rest. Make a lot of soups. Plan a gardne. Cleanse and declutter your home. Connect with your children. Read and be bozy. Buy new compfy pajamas. Journal, paint, draw, bake. Drink warm teas. Go inward.

Set goals in spring when welcoming in new things feels more aligned.

When I read that, I realized that I’m not ready to announce–or even plan–certain things. So, there will be a second post on this year’s goals at a later date. For now, this is what I am willing to commit to.


  • Art on the Edge Studio Tour (June 2024) – yes
  • Enter these shows:
    • WSO Spring
    • WSO Fall
    • Equine Art Show (Emerald Downs)
    • AAEA
    • NWWS Spring
    • NWWS Fall
    • Western Fed
    • ISEA – International
    • ISEA – Fall member
    • ISEA – Winter member
  • Blog: Write at least 52 posts – no (42 including this one)
  • Newsletter: Quarterly newsletters
  • Apply for Alaska AIR


  • Reading: Goodreads 2024 Book Challenge – 80 books
  • Nosework with Key
    • Work toward:
      • NW3 – 2 down, 1 to go
      • L2C
      • L3C
      • L3I
  • Bonsai
    • Go to “mentorships”
    • Keep up with video channel
      • Get better at filmography
      • Get better at sound
  • Spring garage sale targeting extra art supplies & knitting stash

For right now, I am going to procrastinate announcing health and fitness goals, mental health steps, and employment desires. It’s currently too mixed up for me to come up with a plan. Let me just say that my regular readers know my job has me under a lot of pressure and I’m taking steps to change some things.