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2023. Is it me, or am I the only one who expects some sort of huge, technologically advanced “future” to be here? Like The Jetsons. Or Lost in Space? Back to the Future 2? (Note how far behind I was there. That was in 2015.) I don’t know why 2023 sounds so futuristic compared to 2022, but it does.¬†After the last few years, I feel like we should brace for alien technology to descend. No. Let’s shake that image off.

I’m trying to keep things simple, and last year was pretty successful. While there are a few new things on the horizon, I’ve decided to incorporate them within the same format at last year. Looking over the list, there are a few things that I’d like to do, but I’m not ready to commit to, so I created an appendix area.

I hope you are enjoying this first day of 2023 and Happy New Year!

Area 1: Health and Fitness

  • Weight Watchers
    • Eat breakfast
    • Prep food
    • Track
  • Hit 10,000 daily

Area 2: Mental Health

  • Remember that alone time is an important part of my mental health.
  • Do NOT overextend yourself (be on boards, volunteer too much.)

Area 3: Painting

  • Convert to the “Amok at the Easel” marketing format (more about this later)
  • Art on the Edge Studio Tour (June 2023)
  • Enter these shows:
    • WSO Spring
    • WSO Fall
    • Enter the Equine Art Show (Emerald Downs)
    • AAEA
    • NWWS Spring
    • NWWS Fall
    • Western Fed
    • ISEA – International
    • ISEA – member
  • Blog: Write at least 52 posts
  • Newslettter: Put out 12 newsletters in 2023

Area 4: Everything Else

  • Stay employed
  • Reading: Goodreads 2023 Book Challenge – 75 books
  • Nosework with Key
    • Practice once a week, outside of class.
    • Work toward:
      • NW3
      • L2C
      • L3C
      • L3I
      • L3V
  • Participate in the 2023 NaNoWriMo; consider doing some editing on past projects

Appendix: Maybe goals? I can’t quite commit today.

  • Apply for Alaska AIR
  • Visit the #1 birding spot for each county in Oregon
  • Go to Paris
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  1. Tara, These are really ambitious goals! I would have to prioritize to the top ? few in each category to feel successful by the end of the year. Good for you for stating all of them.

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