Waldport Recess (watercolor on gesso board, sealed with acrylic)

Regardless of my ponderings of 2023 being a year that seems to beg for futuristic technology, I feel like I spent the year fighting the most basic of battles. It was all I could do to keep my head above water in nearly every endeavor; the undercurrents were strong. This is reflected in my success on various goals. In some ways, it looks (and feels) like I didn’t do a darn thing this year. But I did. And some of those items are on this list.

Area 1: Health and Fitness

  • Weight Watchers (sometimes)
  • Eat breakfast (yes)
  • Prep food (yes)
  • Track (no)
  • Hit 10,000 daily (sometimes)

Area 2: Mental Health

  • Remember that alone time is an important part of my mental health. (yes)
  • Do NOT overextend yourself (be on boards, volunteer too much.) (yes)

Area 3: Painting

  • Convert to the “Amok at the Easel” marketing format – no. Went back to simple Tara Choate.
  • Art on the Edge Studio Tour (June 2023) – yes
  • Enter these shows:
    • WSO Spring – yes, not accepted
    • WSO Fall – yes, not accepted
    • Equine Art Show (Emerald Downs) –  no
    • AAEA – yes, not accepted
    • NWWS Spring – yes, not accepted
    • NWWS Fall – yes (signature status!)
    • Western Fed – no
    • ISEA – International – yes, not accepted
    • ISEA – member – yes (fourth place)
  • Bonus: The Keizer Cows went up
  • Blog: Write at least 52 posts – no (42 including this one)
  • Newslettter: Put out 12 newsletters in 2023 – no (not even one)

Area 4: Everything Else

  • Stay employed – yes (and this took everything I had)
  • Reading: Goodreads 2023 Book Challenge – 75 books – yes (86)
  • Nosework with Key
    • Practice once a week, outside of class – no
    • Work toward:
      • NW3 – 2 down, 1 to go
      • L2C – no (no show)
      • L3C – no (no show)
      • L3I – no (no show)
      • L3V – yes
  • Participate in the 2023 NaNoWriMo; consider doing some editing on past projects – no
  • Apply for Alaska AIR – no (due to Paris)
  • Go to Paris – yes (and this is my excuse for everything that wasn’t a work-related delay)
  • Unexpected thing: Took up bonsai as a hobby and started a YouTube channel about it.

Reading over this list, in spite of my preamble, I did reasonably well. In tomorrow’s post (2024 goal) I hope to talk about how I want to change things up in the new year.