This week I gained 2.6 pounds. Honestly, while I’m disappointed, I feel like it’s more the category of “staying the same” because I’ve been gaining and loosing that same 2 pounds for about a year.  But, I did make some healthy (small) steps. So, all is not lost.

Last week I said I was going to focus on:

  • Tracking – 4 of 7 days (lost my ability to log in for 1 of them) – 57% success
  • Not having Frapachinos in the morning (caffeine withdrawal as well as sugar) – 2 of 7 days – 28% success
  • Eating my prepared food – 5 of 7 days – 71% success
  • Walking at lunch – 7 of 7 days – 100% success

Frankly, I’m not ready to take on more, so I’m going to stick with those this next week.

  • Tracking – I’d like to go to 6 days
  • Not having Frapachinos in the morning – going to be hard this week…
  • Eating my prepared food – 5 days
  • Walking at lunch – 7  days

So, looking at this, here’s what I see. I need a plan for the weekend.

Weekends have always been a problem for me. Issue one is that I tend to not eat until I am STARVING, then eat lots of bad stuff. Issue two is that I hate to “waste” my prepared food (cut up vegetables, etc.) Issue three is that frankly I get distracted by my mobility and the huge variety of sugar things out there.

This is going to be a four-day weekend, so it could be extra challenging. Here is what I’d like to work on for it.

  • Track all four of those days
  • Prepare some food for breakfast and lunch and EAT IT

Okay. Orders received.

One last thing. I started Weight Watchers 193 weeks ago (3.7 years). There is a fact for you. I am now at the same weight as when I started (essentially). If I stay on WW another 193 weeks and do small steps to loose .5 pounds a week, in 2021 I will have lost 96 pounds.

I’d feel so good…