Last week Weight Watchers’ topic was: “The Power of an Anchor.” The program encouraged users to think about something that keep them inspired to stay on the program and thus meet weight loss goals.

The first thing that popped into my mind on this topic was horses. I sort of started this because I would eventually like to be able to start riding horses again.

A book I read a few years ago, “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin, posed the theory that the things that we did when we were young children are the things that make us most happy. But as we age, we find other, more practical things to take up our time. During her happiness project, Rubin started reading young adult books and even started a book group (for adults) about them.

I have a picture in my home of a four-year-old-me reaching up to pet a horse. I love this photo.

As I was looking for photos for my post about my dad last week, I came across another series of photos of myself at about 10 with my cousin’s horses and my Montana friend’s horses.

What struck me about these photos was the look of awe and happiness in all of them.

tarajgjI have another photo in my house. I am 19 here and think I’m fat (I wish the horse I’m on was… she needs some weight). But I remember the thrilled feeling of riding English. This picture and this horse are about my only good memories of this period in my life.

It’s taken me all week to post this, but I want to remember this:

  • Joy
  • Awe
  • Happiness
  • Thrill

This is my reason for loosing weight. I want to ride again.







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