Well, just a few more hours of 2019. It was one for the books.

Last year, knowing it would be a tough year, I did my goals slightly differently. I tried to be less (ha ha) goal oriented. And, well, not as much got done. I’m okay with that, and it was probably unavoidable. But in 2020, I’m planning to back to a more concrete system.

The items in blue were accomplished. Items in red were not. Items in green are partial.


  • Taking painting commissions
  • Stop entering plein air unless you really find you enjoy it
  • Take fewer workshops (limit to Skip Lawrence)
  • Mom’s Estate (the goal here is to be done with it by the end of the year)
  • Trying to fix other people
  • Taking things personally


  • Establish MY style when I paint
  • Get my website current and keep it that way
  • Submit my paintings to these new events:
    • Submit to the River Gallery Wild Women show
    • Submit to Community Supported Arts & Culture
    • Submit to Salem Art Association event
  • Taking care of my body
  • Find a source for yoga and/or meditation and go to it
  • Get 8 hours sleep (this means going to bed early)
  • Making time for friends
  • 52 books for the Goodreads 2019 Reading Challenge
  • Allowing myself to admit that I don’t like certain things


  • Blog at least once a week about art
  • Attend critique group
  • Continue to enter these shows:
    • Enter both WSO shows
    • Enter the Equine Art Show (Emerald Downs)
    • Submit to the AAEA Shows
    • Submit to both NWWS Shows
    • Submit to Emerald Art Center show
  • Go to Weight Watchers regularly
  • Caring about the environment
    • Not taking plastic bags at the store; use reusable bags (2013)
    • Using coffee cups at coffee place (2014)
    • Picking up after the dog every time (2015)
    • Not consuming palm oil (2016)
    • Less car, more bike (2017)
    • Energy audit my house (2018)
    • DIY household products (2019)
  • Training Key in nose work (Got NW2, NW3 Container, NW3 Exterior, L1E, L1V, L2I titles this year)
  • Remember that alone time is an important part of my mental health