Seven months was all she wrote*

August marks seven months since Mom’s death, so I’m more than halfway through “the official year”. And because I’m a planner, I’m starting to look ahead to what 2020 might bring. August will also mark what would have been Mom’s 72 birthday. I’m not someone who normally marks that kind of thing, but it does make me sad. It seems like such a young age in today’s world.

On that note, the rest of this post is going to be seven random things in my life.

1 – I entered the Watercolor Society of Oregon show

Lately, I  have been doing less journaling and more painting. So when the WSO deadline came up, I entered two pieces.

Fingers crossed!

2 – I’ve engaged a company to start work on repairing the beach house

On the advice of my therapist, I took a few weeks just… off from the beach house problem. Then a couple of weeks ago I did some research on whether the house should just go up for sale as is or should be put back together again. Turns out, it’s significantly more valuable “put together” so I had to make some decisions. I found a company, Wildwood Design Center, that could do the job and this weekend I stayed at the beach house (even in its current condition, it’s pretty good) and pondered design options.

I think we all know which one I’ll choose.

3 – The journaling goes apace

Hydrangeas are blooming right now, so they have been featured regularly.

4 – Birding (and wildlife watching) goes apace

5 – Weight loss

I’ve had some health challenges the last few months that I just don’t even want to discuss anymore. My health insurer has set up a healthy eating class which I am attending on Thursday nights (in addition to WW). While I won’t say I feel “inspired” I am feeling more into making good choices, which is a step in the right direction.

6 – Key-the-dog (official title)

Key’s official title is “the dog” and he would like to report that while the training to retrieve is not going well, this nosework thing is just THE BEST. He went to a trial a few weeks ago and it went MUCH better than the last one (though no title). He would like to show off a recent search, but Tara is too lazy to upload the photo. So we’ll just include this picture of him enjoying the beach.

Note the low, tired tail.

7 – A newsletter

After an absence of a year (gulp), I finally send out a newsletter using my Mail Chimp account (which you can sign up for on this page.) It wasn’t a newsletter to set the world on fire, but I did announce a summer studio sale, which I am willing to pass on, even if you didn’t sign up for my newsletter!

I’m offering the following discount through the end of summer (September 2, 2019): Take 10% off the listed price of 2018 pieces, 20% off 2017 pieces, 30% off 2016 pieces, 40% off 2015 pieces, and 50% off any pieces from 2014 or earlier.

On that note, please check out my paintings page before you go to see if anything strikes your fancy!



*Note: The title of this post is a play on one of my favorite Sting songs. It’s not a reference to either murder or finishing anything. On the contrary, this post is more about moving forward.

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