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Focused Friday? Fatal failure.

Like many bloggers, I am going to do a “random” blog today because, well, this week has just worn me out. 1. First City Celebration This Saturday I will be in downtown Oregon City meeting and greeting the public along with 100 other artists and vendors for the 5th Annual First City Celebration. There will …

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It’s almost time for goodbye

For the last five years I’ve had a family of swallows nesting outside my office window. I love this. I love the swooping of the parents, the cries of the babies, the briefness of the whole affair. This year the nesting has been later than normal; based on my records, the swallows nested about 10 …

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Monday evening I attended the Three Rivers Artist Guild monthly meeting. As the vice president, it’s my job to line up speakers for each meeting, and this month we had Laura Valenti Jelen giving a presentation on “Creating a Visionary Portfolio.” As a photographer, Laura’s focus is little different than mine as a painter; not …

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A Day At the Races

No, I haven’t forgotten to blog; I’ve just been so busy that I’m completely backlogged with things to say! But my goal this weekend is to churn out some posts… here goes! Last Sunday I went up to Emerald Downs to enjoy the day of racing, see the Equine Art Show, and pick up my …

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Wildlife, and I’m not even out of my driveway

Today we loaded up in the car to head down to Canemah. I was pulling out of the driveway and something caught my eye… It was a bunny! I think probably a young one. I’m sure it came into my yard to drink from my bird feeders, but as it was nibbling on dandelions… I …

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Oh Not-So-Happy Day

Today Mom and I moved Dad into a memory care facility. I took the day off work and drove down to Lincoln City first thing to help Mom. I figured if nothing else, I could be a pack mule. On the drive I stopped at a little coffee shop; it had the most beautiful white …

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macte, int. [‘ Expressing approval, encouragement, or good will: ‘all praise to you!’, ‘well done!’, ‘bravo!’; ‘good luck!’.’] Tonight at Weight Watchers I hit my 10% goal; I have now lost 10% of my total body weight when I started! On one hand, I am thrilled. In my three previous attempts at Weight Watchers, I …

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Queen of the dorks

I have been wanting to write that headline for a couple of days now because I have been really feeling foolish. I have had a year–365 days–to get my act together for the 2014 Equine Art Show. The minute I got my 2014 calendar, I marked the date. I have obsessed about my three paintings …

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I know a secret!

I didn’t do much today. My big goal for this weekend was to get the new Watercolor Society of Oregon website updated, and it’s almost 11pm, but it is! It will still be a few days before the technical types get everything just so, but my part is up to date. To take a break, …

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Finally a moment

It’s been a week since I had a moment to sit down, let alone write. Frankly, it’s been a little TOO busy around here, and I’m glad to be facing a three-day weekend to tackle a few things. Almost every day this week I’ve had something I meant to write about, but it’s just been …

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