After my parents retired, particularly my mom, I was amazed that they ever had time to work. There was always a party or meeting or some other event they were attending. These people had been the original homebodies, but it in retirement, they were living it up.

Being on sabbatical is a little different than being retired, but the last few weeks have been very busy.

First, there was the delivery and installation of my pieces into the Pacific Artists’ Co-Op Gallery. I helped for a couple days, painting walls and pedestals, in addition to delivering and tagging up my paintings.

Next, I delivered my painting and four others to the Watercolor Society of Oregon‘s Spring Exhibition.

No sooner than that was done, my friend Sandra came down an we went the opening reception of the Gallery.

Then, the next day, we went to the convention and breakout sessions by various artists. I took a great session on pattern by the incomparable Margaret Godfrey.

Then I took a class with Beth Verheyden on bringing emotion into my work.

From provided reference photo. Goal to be bold.
Cherry tree in bloom. Goal was to concentrate on shapes.
Doodle during the class. Title: Surprised.

Amazingly, to me, I’ve been able to get a little painting in between all these events.

I hope to do a better job with blogging and such, but I can’t make any promises. My website was hacked a couple of days ago, so there has been a lot of behind-the-scenes work taking up my time!