For a while now, I’ve told people, humorously, that I can barely do one thing at a time. I remember when I could do lots of things, seemingly simultaneously, I think I need to stop thinking of this as a joke and accept that I can no longer do all the things. One thing is my maximum speed.

Case in point: house painting.

I should have had the house painted last year, but with one thing and the next, I didn’t get around to it until all the painters were booked. I toyed with the idea of trying to do it myself, but I was smart enough to realize that might be possible, but that didn’t make it a good idea.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I contacted several painters and got on the schedule. I figured I wouldn’t hear anything until June, but Brad called me last week and said there was a patch of good weather coming up. Could he come over.

My motto: When a contractor wants to work, SAY YES!

I agonized for a few days about paint colors. I had a few in mind, but was driving myself crazy with options, so I put it to the Facebook team.

Original house colors, with “Choate” sign in view
Closer view of house, original color

I used one of the paint company’s digital tools to try out some options.

The hive mind quickly selected options 1 (gray tan and teal) and 6 (blue with brown) as their favorite. So, I went down and got swatches.

I dithered around for days before just going with the one I liked.

The house, main color on with trim to be painted and doors to be done

And folks, I love it.

But as part of this process, there have been dozens of little projects that keep cropping up. For example, the front sign needs to be painted. And the Little Free Library. And I needed to move…

It’s been a list.

In the midst of all this, I’ve been working at the Pacific Artists Co-Op Gallery (one more training day to go). (Check out my bio!)

And then I decided to go out whale watching on short notice (thank you Whale Research EcoExcursions!).

The photo quality on this is not great, but they said it was the first mother and calf they had seen this season.

In addition to all this, there is just the normal stuff of everyday life, even everyday life on sabbatical.

So, it feels like I am getting nothing done, but I think I’m getting one thing done which is painting my house.

One darn thing.

365 less 62 is… 303?

Today is day 62 of my sabbatical. As I mentioned, I am loosely following Gretchen Rubin’s regime of a goal a month. But on her journey, month three was about work (specifically finding enthusiasm and aim higher). That doesn’t feel quite right, yet. The next month is about parenting, and I am going to steal that at some point and do a month of self-parenting. But again, not yet. Other choices?

  • Play
  • Friends
  • Buy happiness
  • Gratitude
  • Pursue a passion
  • Mindfulness
  • Positivity
  • Putting it all together

As much as I am tired of seeing posts about gratitude (gratitude is the best attitude), something about this struck a nerve. Taking stock might be just the thing. So, this month will be:

  • Sabbatical Day xxx –
  • Useful Chore: xxx
  • Fun Item: xxx
  • Peaceful Thing: xxx
  • Self Care: xxx
  • Appreciation Point: xxx