Today is my second to last day on the island and one I had been looking forward to since signing up for the Hawai’i Island Festival of Birds. It was the day that I went to Kaloko-Honokohau for the guided bird walk. All told, we saw 18 species of birds, though except for the Wandering Tattler, I had seen most of them on the island before.

I took a little tumble (onto the sand, not lava, thank goodness) so when the walk was over I went home to sort things out. Also, it was high tide, so I had managed to get my shoes wet.

After getting sorted out, I headed to the Sheraton for the “festival” part of this event. There was a lot of beautiful art, clothing, and other items, but I managed to resist it all.

Finally, I decided I hadn’t done enough snorkeling, so I decided to go up to Wai’alea (69) which is my second favorite snorkeling spot on the island.

Rather menacing clouds were everywhere, both coming and going. While I was in the water the wind blowing over my snorkel was a whistle, but the visibility was good and it was still easy to maneuver through the water.

Here are some pictures from the last time I went to Wai’alea.

And now I’m back. I’m tired. I’m a little sore from my tumble. It’s a good day to wallow in vacation and read a book while it rains!