Apparently, I have trouble with the vacation concept. I run around doing stuff and adventuring and having a great time, but I’m TIRED when I come back.

So today, my story is that I relaxed. I didn’t do much. That’s my story.

Saffron finch

I got up and went for another snorkel at Two Step and it was amazing.

I came back to the timeshare, then ran some errands and got a couple of gifts for friends back home.

Then I finished a book.

Then I watched a movie.

Then I decided to go for a little walk around the complex, find the beach, and take a picture of the sunset.

And locked myself out. So while I was waiting for help, I took some pictures of the amazing tropical flowers and tress around here.

Tomorrow I get up, finish packing, and get on a jet plane. It’s home for me. It’s a good thing. I miss real life (a little) and my dog (a lot).