Vermillion Flycatcher (male)

I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, but so much has happened. I had to block out four blog posts just to get caught up, and that’s just the basics.

I’m starting with the prettiest of the planned posts, my trip to Southern Arizona for a painting workshop sandwiched between some birding.

Buenos Aires NWR

On November 15, I devoted the day to the excellent Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge. I hiked a little circuit at Arivaca Cienega, then found some antelope on the aptly named Pronghorn Drive.

But the birds were the real stars. While there was a huge variety, my birding abilities limited me to these finds.

Tubac & Surrounding Areas

Each day after the workshop, I would scoot around and look for some more birds. This is how I found my two “target” species: roadrunners and vermillion flycatchers.

Madera Canyon

My plane didn’t leave until 2:00pm on the day after the workshop, so I took the advice of a fellow birder in the artist group and hit the gift shop at Madera Canyon.

This is the birding set-up, not including all the hummingbird feeders.

Lots of great birds, but the hummingbirds were worth the trip!

I hope to get a few more posts done tomorrow to get you caught up, but for now… bedtime!