I’m not sure what it is about short weeks that makes them feel so intense, but work this week was “petal to the metal.” When I hit the weekend, I had a little list of chores to do. Doing stupid things like slicing open a finger (twice) and accidently getting garlic/onion/pepper on my hands and blinding myself really wasn’t part of the deal.

Irritated sigh.

It had been a while (about six weeks) since I had been down to the beach house, so I headed down Friday after stopping to pick up a library book (the libraries aren’t open, but at least we can again pick up books (though the name curbside pickup is something of a lie.)) The beach house was fine (I knew it would be), And so, I commenced the weekend project. Two days later, I have a blog post written, but it isn’t the right time to post it.

Resigned sigh.

It wasn’t all work and no play. I spent some time admiring waves.

Happy sigh.


Watched far too many episodes of Baumgartner Restoration. Which inevitably makes me ponder art.

Thoughtful sigh.

Took the dog for several walks (so, SO glad I am now feeling up for this).

Exercised-induced sigh.

Explored a new spot to paint then next time Sandra comes down.

Excited sigh.

And then came home Saturday night to spend Sunday training the dog, running errands, and prepping food.

I hope to have more to talk about next week (in fact, I’m sure I will.) Enjoy the random photos from the weekend.

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