During what the press is calling “Women’s Weekend” I attended the Salem WomXn’s March to mark the anniversary of the epic 2017 Women’s March. Note: I am not going into what I think about the name change.

The signage standard , already  high last year, was even higher this year. While I opted for my low impact, simple sign (I will not consent to hate) and wore my pussy hat again, many others took it big and stayed out!

I did a very bad job of capturing signs this year, though.

The march took place in MISERABLE weather, but was surprisingly well attended in the end.


As we were ending…


… many were just getting started.

But my favorite items of the day were knitting related.

I thought this was just a cool sock to decorate the cast (cast swag, if you will)… but it’s really just a foot warmer.

This little unicorn also caught my attention. I  may need once of these hats for myself…

More serious…

I started out with the fun stuff up front because I didn’t want to scare anyone. If you have gotten this far, be warned; I’m going serious.

Last year I wrote several posts about the “current” situation, and I’m pretty proud of them.  But the one about having an action plan was one that I thought could use a revisit. So here’s my 2018 Action Plan:

  1. Ignore the Trump Personna: Mr. Trump and his team have lead a world-class, Machiavelli-worthy press scheme that keeps the media focused on the trivial. I’m not going to engage anymore.
  2. Take it down to its roots: When something posts with an abuse, don’t engage it as a problem with Mr. Trump. Look at the reason it can happen and engage with that.
  3. A Marathon (Not a Sprint): Baring incident, we will have four years of this. 1448 1093 days and counting. The 2018 mid-term elections are coming up (ugg). Don’t get bogged down with the unimportant stuff.
  4. Processing: I still hate the term process, but it remains good to find a way to allow myself to voice and ponder the current situation
  5. And I think NPR, except for Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me may be out for the duration. I just can’t handle it.
  6. Volunteer
  7. The funnier side: Among the more important things, I believe, will be to find the funnier side of this situation.

I like it. See you again in 2019!