Lump of (char)coal

My post last week clearly offended the Christmas spirits. As I guess they are listening, I take it all back. The current plan about annual Christmas is wonderful and I will never DREAM about complaining about any nonexistent complications that come with this WONDERFUL holiday.

As proof of my sincerity, I offer…

A new Christmas-themed painting.

I hope every one of you, family and friends, has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

P.S. Those of you who are wondering about my change of heart… in the last week I got the flu and my dog got into a chocolate stocking-stuffer and had to go to the vet for a $300 application of charcoal. Seriously. Take my advice. Never bad-mouth Christmas.

One thought on “Lump of (char)coal

  1. Well I guess you learned your lesson! So sorry about it all. Hope you are feeling better very soon.


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