runcation, n.: The action or an act of weeding. Also occas.: the action of rooting.

There are many jokes about Oregon and summer and rain.

“Oregonians don’t tan, we rust.”

“Oregon summer: the best two weeks of the year.”

Question:  “What do you call two straight days of rain in Portland?”
Answer:  “A weekend.”

“It only rains twice a year in Portland:  October through April and May through June.”

Question:  “What does daylight-saving time mean in Portland?”
Answer:  “An extra hour of rain.”

I really like the last one.

In this spirit, Oregonians don’t wait for good weather to accomplish things.

Today I had one goal–to get in some good weeding time. so after a few quick errands, I made my way outside. The sky was overcast with clouds of varying blackness around, but it wasn’t raining right then.

Over the next hour and half I weeded in various states of rain. Finn, who is clearly much smarter than I, moved in and out of the garage at each change of weather. But I persevered.

However, when the rain started to look like this, I gave up.