sunsetIt’s been a week since I had a moment to sit down, let alone write. Frankly, it’s been a little TOO busy around here, and I’m glad to be facing a three-day weekend to tackle a few things.

Almost every day this week I’ve had something I meant to write about, but it’s just been too busy. So consider this a random recap post to get y’all caught up!


Saturday my friend JJ took her inaugural trip with her new company, The Traveling Ewe. I designed her new logo and she offered a ticket, but I had other commitments, so I turned it down. I think this was a mistake! Everyone had a great time and they saw a 3-hour old cria (baby alpaca). It looked like an amazing trip and I’m so proud of JJ for making this work. I’m marking my calendars for future trips!

However, I stayed home to tackle some other issues. First, I had an AirBNB customer, a cute and sweet couple that were in town for the weekend to attend a wedding. As this was my first customer, I felt I should be around. This couple was SO sweat and respectful. I hope they are all like that!

I also hit the farmer’s market because I had a canning get together planned for Sunday. I got a box of green beans, two flats of blackberries that needed to be used quickly, and my knives sharpened. Good times.

The line… all the SEO horses were in and they never took their eyes off me in hopes of cookies!
(Dirty) Fritz
(Dirty) Fritz – Why I’ll probably never own a white horse!

It was also my day to muck out the stalls at SEO. I mucked the stalls and played with the horses, particularly a cute boy named Fritz. He’s a character!

After hanging out at the barn, I headed over to a party I had been invited to. Being invited to a party is something of a treat for me, so I was pretty excited. It was a nice party, not in the least because we got to meet Kathy’s new baby, Coco, as well as admire the new chicken coop (with chickens) and meet the next-door mules. Good times.


After all this excitement, Sunday rolled around. My friends JJ and Arminda came over and we canned. And canned. AND CANNED. We canned until almost 9pm. It was a long day… but we got:

  • Strawberry vanilla jam
  • Blackberry jam
  • Blackberry sage jam
  • Blackberry ginger jam
  • Dilly beans

cans1 cans2


Monday was weigh-in day and after last week… well, I need some success. I had a thoughtful week, even with Saturday’s party (and potato chips…) but I was still nervous. I am DELIGHTED to report that I had a quite significant drop and am now within a pound of my 10% goal. That will be a COMPLETE part for me. You’ll hear more about that later, I’m sure.

But after attending my meeting and walking the dog, the day was pretty shot. What remained was eaten up with the laundry I didn’t do on Sunday with canning.


Believe it or not, Tuesday found me canning some more. I had MORE beans and I love just straight beans too. A couple of batches of straight beans were pressure canned and the day was done.


Wednesday I’m back to taking painting classes from Anji Grainger. I started a couple of new paintings (dogs) to fill out my pet portrait portfolio. I don’t have pictures to show, and I still need to grab a couple of permissions, but so far I’m pleased.


Which takes me up to today. I got off work early to attend some doctor’s appointments. After doing that, and taking Finn for a walk… well, you’re caught up.


It’s been a busy week and there’s more to report, in some ways, than I have. But at least now I’m caught and I can try to write better posts from now on!

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