deskEach year I have vague ideas of making a New Year’s resolution to have complete rest one day a week. My basic thought is to have a day where I can only walk. It is my hope that with driving remove from the options, I would have more time to do things like paint or play with the dog. With these restrictions, I could get to church, but would be essentially home bound the rest of the day.

I can never work out the rules of this resolution well enough to give it a shot. It seems like I’d need to go get dog food or grocery shopping, or else cram everything into Saturdays… a day that already seems too busy.

My goal today was to get some painting done. I did not accomplish it because my desk looked like this, my email inbox was overwhelming, and my house was dirty. Let’s not even discuss the weeding, budgets, or projects that I should do. I got the dog walked, but not too much else on that “optional” second list. And no painting.

I don’t know what the secret is, but I sure wish I did.

I enjoy this post and read it often:

But I still don’t have the answers.

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    1. Ha! That’s my problem! I need to build up some tolerance! You would think the rest of my house would do!

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