Late 2011 through 2012 will forever be known as my “Année terrible”. I was in a car accident; I was laid off; my dad had heart surgery; my aunt died; I had pneumonia twice.
September 2011 car accident: rear-ended at 45 mph.
September 2011 car accident: rear-ended at 45 mph.
About the only thing I had going for me in this year of horrors was my house. I bought it from my parents and I got a good deal on it. So while everything else was going wrong, I at least had a place to hang my hat.
In 2013 I accepted my current position which is an hour and 15 minutes each way from my house. I said that if I survived a year, I’d consider moving. In the meantime, I’d spent the year getting my house either ready to be shown or to be worry free.
My house... before and after!
My house… before and after!

I’ve passed my year and my self-imposed deadline (April 1) is approaching and I’m nearing a meltdown. In the last week I’ve changed my mind once a day about whether to sell or not. It’s exhausting in every possible way.

For this long weekend, I finished the last project on my list and repainted the back bedroom. It was a bittersweet experience because I remember my mom and I painting that bedroom (sponge painting) and laughing about it. It was so pretty when it was finished. But it doesn’t fit my current decorating scheme.
This weekend, while waiting for paint to dry, I went to look at a few places listed at At the end of that I felt panicked, so I decided to just table the whole thing until something like a sign came along.
So today, I got news that I got into a workshop that I had been wait-listed on. Then I got news about my fall Keenland workshop.
In summary: When I settled down and focused on the present, good things happened. So I think another Oxford English word of the day may suite me–
philopatric, adj.: “Of an animal or species: tending to return to or remain near a particular site, esp. the place of origin.”