Today, after months of planning, the final “feature” of my summer garden re-do was installed.

Meet Little Free Library, charter # 67289.

In December, the LFL website had some pretty good sales, so as a “Santa” present, I got myself a library.

I had to paint it (harder than it looks because the hardware had a special screw)…

But the real challenge was the post. But this weekend I got that post in and the library on.

I added the books that came with the library, added the books I had been saving, and then borrowed a few books from other nearby free libraries (just to get things started.)

I had a bench that I moved to the front yard (I didn’t take a picture, maybe tomorrow) and I think it looks great. I’m going to add a pot of flowers and a doggie water dish. I’m working a sign to announce a Twitter handle (not sure about this, even though the guide suggested it…) A geocache like this guy did seems more likely.

And most exciting of all…

It’s already had its first visitors!