1. I (finally) finished the sleeves on my sweater. It seems like it took forever, but as I said, I’m trying to look at it like my weight loss project and just keep plugging away. Next I’ll start on the front, then put it all together, and do the button band.sweater
  2. Speaking of weight loss, I have officially passed the 50lbs mark (54.6, but who’s counting…)
  3. I have taken a couple of weeks off painting, but I am resolved to do some serious work again starting this Wednesday.
  4. On the better late than never front, Happy Birthday, Mom! Thursday was her birthday, and yes I sent a card and we talked and I wished her happy birthday. But she’s so wonderful, I just wanted to commemorate it here too!
  5. On the other side of the parental tree, my dad is not doing so hot. A week ago we though he had another stroke (and maybe he did) but by Wednesday we knew something was seriously wrong. He had spiked a feature, stopped eating, and wasn’t responsive. He’s been in the hospital since, diagnosed with a UTI, but the antibiotics aren’t working as well as hoped.
  6. The side effective of this hospital stay (aside from the obvious) is that he’s undergone a series of evaluations and it’s been determined (officially) that he needs more care than he can get in an assisted living facility like he’s currently in, so he’ll be moving to a nursing home within a couple of weeks. Probably up here in the Portland area.
  7. As you can imagine, Mom is burning the candle at both ends trying to get everything squared away. It’s one of the times I wish I lived a little closer and could be more daily help.
  8. I’ve decided that instead of going camping over Labor Day, I’m going to head down to the beach to see what I can do to help. Even if I can’t do much to help, I’m hoping to be moral support!
  9. I’ll have to try to do some painting while I’m down there because I’m woefully behind on doing any kind of plein air work to get ready for the Hillsboro Plein Air Plus (two weeks away.)
  10. Thankfully, I have a mini-workshop next weekend at Cathedral Park.
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  1. 0So sorry about your dad & mom. It’s hard to be unable to help, but there is so little you can really do.

    Congrats on the 54.6. I’m at 17.2!


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