Today on my “Walk the dog everyday” challenge, the bonus was to be inspired by something red. I was a little short on inspiration, so I went looking through my reference photos and came across a horse in a red halter that inspired my little painter’s heart. [image removed]

I like this well enough I’m thinking about doing a bigger version where I could do some more detail.

And a rant

Be aware, I am changing topics.

I haven’t said much about my dad for a while, because I wasn’t sure there was much to say. To recap, he moved into an assisted living facility in mid July, and it quickly became apparent that he needed more than they could provide. About the time that was becoming obvious, Dad developed a UTI and possibly had another stroke. In the course of this, some more evaluations were done and moving him became a necessity, not just a suggestion.

Last week my mom came up here for a few days to scope out some facilities. It was a frustrating process because so few places really want (or accept) cases like Dad’s (somewhere between alzheimer’s unit and nursing home). After some deliberation, Mom decided to put him in the same facility where my grandma lived out the last year of her life.

We thought that a nurse check was a mere formality. And it turned out it wasn’t. The place didn’t like some of the medications Dad was on (turns out we aren’t thrilled to find out he’s on these medications (at this dosage) either) and said he couldn’t move to Mom’s choice of facility.

So, we’re back to square one. Mom is hurriedly looking for the right kind of place in the right area, but it’s a frustrating process. To make that worse, each place wants some new and bizarre kind of write-up or evaluation. And getting these things is like herding cats into a dentist’s office.

I’d really like to call up these places and give them a piece of my mind: My father is dying of the worst possible, slow, and¬†humiliating disease possible, and they want MORE FREAKING EVALS? Like what… Mom and I are¬†hallucinating this? Let me just assure you, there is NOTHING FIXABLE GOING ON!!!!!

Logically, I do understand. Each place wants to make sure they know what’s going on and what they are signing up for. They don’t want to get in over their head or put anyone in danger.

But I’m more upset seeing my mom tired and discouraged. I worry every day that when my mom calls to report how Dad is doing, it’s going to be more than just falling and bruising she tells me about. I’m concerned that Mom is going to get sick from the stress of the situation. And I just don’t know how to help except to listen and pray.

I know that moving Dad won’t really solve this problem, but I’m still hoping that it might prevent more problems from developing.