Let’s face it. This month has not gone according to plan. I started out thinking I  would work on the Cheltenham Gold Cup painting I mentioned here. Then I got word that the For the Seventh Generation show was on and worked mostly on that.

Along the way, I apparently missed a couple of assignments.

  • Week 1 – I can’t find a challenge, but I’m going to count this
  • Week 2 – ” ? ” – High key (I don’t think I ever did this, but this is the post that week)
  • Week 3 – ” ? ” –  Borrowed composition
  • Week 4 – “The Glass is Half…” – Negative Painting (another one not done, but here is that post)
  • Week 5 – “Focus: Visual or Mental” – Focal point
  • Week 6 – “Secret” – Sweet (not saccharine)
  • Week 7 – “My Best Friend” – Leftover color (didn’t do it that week, but does it count that I did it in week 5 for “focal point”?)
  • Week 8 – “Elemental” – Repetition (not done, but I have time?) (does the repeat of horses in general count?)
  • Week 9 – “Alter Ego” – Make a painting in black and white

Next Friday, I need to have a piece for critique. As a recap, my goals for the month were:

  1. Continue with last month’s goals
    1. Leave out some information
    2. Change something
    3. Define what emotion (in the beginning) I am trying paint. What is the personal connection to me?
  2. Lines: Focus on variation in line and crossing lines
  3. Loose edges

So, I need to figure out how to do a high key painting, using negative shapes and leftover color, that repeats. Sure. No problem. I’ll just whip that right out. And then I’ll jump on that black and white challenge and be totally caught up.