Big Personality

I have this weird theory that probably won’t make sense.

My theory is that to get me to do something (at least painting-wise), I must be allowed to do the exact opposite.

After posting various news yesterday, I woke up today ready to paint. My list of “should” paintings is long, but the one I most want to get rid of is a re-do of my painting of Thistle.

Thistle – finished.

To make a long story as short as possible, I did this painting as a favor to a family member. When they received the painting, they felt the dog looked sad and there was too much color in the background. Not knowing what else to do, I agreed to redo the painting to keep the peace.

I have no interest in doing this painting, which is why I decided to start the painting like this.

This got me thinking about something more fun to do, so I started a completely new 1/2 sheet painting.

This was enough to settle me down, so I got serious and started the “real” Thistle painting.

I can’t get over how un-me it is.

But having some color to play with allowed me to make good progress on the hummingbird and Thistle paintings.

Big Personality – close to done
Thistle Again – 75%

I’m just terrified my aunt will still think this dog looks sad. I usually use color to create happiness. How am I supposed to do that in a “neutral, high-key painting.”


5 thoughts on “Passive Aggressive Painting”
    1. Melody, that’s really funny! And a good response to art critics, although I know Tara really would like for her aunt to be happy with the portrait.

  1. I love both Thistles. And I don’t think he looks sad. He looks wistful. That is what is appealing about doggies, at least to me.

  2. I am avoiding the paintings that sit in the studio awaiting the next step by looking online at what other people are doing. Now I need to get busy.

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