Reserve Power

I’m having a little trouble following the journal prompts and challenges from Roaring 20’s. So I’m going to use the last prompt I remember to create a title and go with it!

Friday would have been Mom’s 73 birthday, and to be frank, I missed her. We weren’t really a “big birthday” kind of family, but it was certainly a milestone in our daily lives. As I flipped through the week on my permanent calendar, I saw the reminder and just missed the heck out of her.

Maybe this explains why I just couldn’t seem to get in a creative mood this weekend.

Saturday morning Key and I got up and went on a big hike to Willamette Mission State Park. This time of year, the birding isn’t great, but it was a lovely morning.

After this adventure, I came home and ticked off a few chores. But I just couldn’t get in the mood to paint. Finally, I decided to NOT paint and just play. Some days, you just need to paint a dragon.

“Dragons Play Fetch” – 15″ x 11″ watercolor on paper ($50)

Unfortunately, I can’t claim that I got me into a more painterly disposition. Today I was similarly uninclined, but a friend posted a photo later in the day that inspired me to at least get out the paint, even if I wasn’t at the high end of the creativity spectrum.

“Reserve Power” – 15″ x 11″ on paper ($50) – unfinished version

Still, the week is about to start again. I’m trying to restart healthy eating and didn’t buy the candy, ice cream, etc. that I’ve been abusing lately. Also, didn’t buy coffee drinks. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “My secret? I’m feeling blue.”
  1. Understandable to be feeling blue on your late Mom’s birthday. I love the whimsy of the dragon and the texture and gesture of the draft horses. Keep on keepin’ on! Xo

  2. Your paintings are amazing. By the way, you are entitled to feeling blue. It’s hard stuff.

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