Author’s Note: To get the full effect of the title, say “Cows” like Dug says “Squirrel”.

It may be a while before I live down shaving my head. I had a therapy appointment on Thursday and my therapist gave me “the look.” Co-workers are just now starting to mention it. “Ah, Tara… Are you okay? That’s a pretty… drastic… haircut. Did something happen?”

I’m making the most of it though. I now have a “well, at least I didn’t” standard that I think I can work with for a couple years.

Case in point. Hula Hooping Cows.

Rosalie’s Cows

A few weeks ago, I got a message from someone at the city of Keizer (where I live) saying they were looking for metal art about four cows to go in a new roundabout here in town. Now, I have always had a secret desire to do a sculpture, but I don’t want to learn to weld. Or sculpt. Or carve. Or… well… anything else.

For some reason, the idea intrigued me. I started to play with it.

Grazing cows… Running cows… Dancing cows… Hula Hooping Cows.

That is pretty much where my mind went WHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

So, I spent my evenings sketching ideas and made a phone call a day to figure out how my idea might be put into action.

In the end, I am proposing four Hula Hooping cows.

I am providing the option of plain steel cows…

Or powder-coated cows (I like this one better).

I need to make a couple more phone calls, but the price will be between $9,400.00-$11,800.00. That includes the steel fabrication, installation (professional), and a commission for me. The price difference is if they go for powder coating or not.

The chances of this actually being installed are low, but I had a GREAT time playing with it. (At least I didn’t shave my head…)

Which option would you choose? Which cow is your favorite?



Powder Coated

One thought on “Cows!”
  1. Definitely all 4 and powder-coated! One or two or three just won’t bring the joyful impact of all 4! Trust me; I’ve driven many roundabouts in Bend multiple times over, and they keep adding more and needing more art to fill them. They even produce a guide to their “roundabout art”—-which continues to need updating as more are added. I’ve never seen so many roundabouts in one city as they have. They usually work well, and the artwork is much enjoyed. Yours would be such a “day-brightener”. Love it! I always enjoyed “our cows” when we were growing up….and, yes, they do have a playful side. They would have been hulu-hooping for joy if they’d been available for cows! Instead they had to settle for jumping in excitement or kicking up their heels and acting like calves again if something really pleased them.

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