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Captious: ADJECTIVE; formal;  (of a person) tending to find fault or raise petty objections. “a captious teacher”
synonyms: critical · fault-finding · quibbling · niggling · cavilling · carping · criticizing · disapproving · censorious · judgmental · overcritical · hypercritical · pedantic · hairsplitting · pettifogging · pass-remarkable

In a search for the title of today’s post, I went down a wonderful rabbit trail  of searches, landing on this article which brought me to smellfungas, which is defined as “a captious critic.” I had to look up what captious meant, but when I did, I knew it was the perfect word to describe this last week.

Before I really get started, let me thank everyone who reached out to express sympathy over last week’s post. It was nice, but also a little embarrassing, to know that people read and care about my little blog. Most of the time, I think of it as a space to work out my thoughts and issues and forget that (occasionally) people read the words, as well as look at photos.

I wish I could say this week was better than last week, but the various work crisis continue. I also received some unwelcome medical news, which I am unwilling to talk about. I wish I could report all this misery lead me to more painting, but alas, it just made me cry and then crawl into bed at the end of the day.

Yesterday I decompressed enough to finish these two paintings from the week before. I wish I could get the head of the second horse in “friend” a little more refined, but I may be stuck there. I like the background, though I may do some more work to make the sagebrush more like it appears in “Sentinel”.

I also started working on the full-sheet of Yellowstone Dancers.

A few weeks ago I decided I needed a break and I signed up for an online workshop by Jean Pederson, which I’ve admired since the Spring 2018 WSO show. As such, I’ll only be working two days this week. I’m sure I’ll have lots of pieces to show next week! I’ve also decided to head to the beach house for several weeks, and that’s always relaxing. I’m hoping that between breaks, change of location, and October being over, things will lighten up.

Fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “Captious”
  1. Love Sentinel and the beginning of your Dancers. Looking forward to hearing about the Jean Pederson workshop! And hoping for better health news. xo

  2. These are great. I love the horses. A friend used to tell me “When you are going through hell, don’t stop.” Makes sense when you think about it. Wish I could help.


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